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    Published on October 3rd 2015.



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    Platform: Newgrounds.com, Scirra Arcade

    Price: Free

    Release Date: October 3rd 2015

    Genre: Top-Down Shooter

    In Deathbash, you have to survive an infinite wave of monsters in the arena. Fight for the high score and dominate the arena using your weapons and tactics, collect dollars to increase your majesty, kill monsters and spill their own blood.


    Special thanks to DanJohansen and Lone-X, the authors of Deathbash's music and to HerbieG, the author of the introduction.

    Mournful Obscurity II

    Price: Free
    Release Date: July 11th 2015 
    Genre: Horror, Puzzle, Adventure
    Mournful Obscurity II, is the sequel of Mournful Obscurity, our first released game. Like the original game, Mournful Obscurity II is a sort of arcade game. You play as a noble and brave knight whose quest is to find and collect the ten "Stones Of Prayer", located in an unknown and unexplored part of the Labyrinth. These stones, if put all together in the portal, will release an enormous energy, necessary to restore the ancient forces, that are told to have the power of set the Labyrinth free from his damned inhabitants.

    The Prophet

    Platform: Android
    Price: Free
    Release Date: November 16th 2014
    Genre: Arcade
    The Prophet is a simple arcade game inspired to Flappy Bird. The player controls a Zeppelin and his quest is to protect the baron from his enemies, and avoid their ballons.
    NOTE: Unfortunately, currently, the game is not available on Play Store. You can download it from the provided link and install it manually on your device.
    NOTE 2: Although it is still available to download, the current version of the game seems to not work properly on some devices. New version will be released soon on this page

    Mournful Obscurity

    Price: Free
    Release Date: June 22th 2014
    Genre: Horror, Puzzle
    Mournful Obscurity, is the first released game by Meteora Game Studios (First version under the name of GrindX Studios). It's a sort of arcade game where player's quest is to find 7 keys in a labyrinth inhabited by damned specters, in order to escape from that evil place.

    Meteora Games Studios

    Something about us.

    Founded in early 2013 with the name of GrindX Studios, Meteora is an independent, small software house located in Southern Italy. There is just one person working behind Meteora, helped sometimes by friends.


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